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When Suicide Comes Home

by Paul Cox

Paul Cox drives an 18 wheeler across the United States. He sees the life of the country from his cab as he moves goods for various companies to loading docks for American Industry. He writes at every opportunity.

Not long ago, Paul lost his son Heber to suicide. He was shocked and wrenched by the pain this event causes. He dealt with this pain and the suffering at home, in his cab and in cities far away from his Utah home.

He reached out to members of his family, to counselors and to anyone who would listen. On one trip to the east, Paul stopped at the offices of The Link Counseling Center in Atlanta. Amazingly, Iris Bolton director of The Link and author of MY SON...MY SON... (and usually booked weeks to years in advance) was able to see Paul. Iris listened and encouraged Paul to put his story on paper.

 Paul writes from the heart of a man sensitive to his own feelings and those of others. He writes at truck stops, parks, in restaurants and whenever and wherever he has a quiet moment.

Paul Cox was devastated by his son’s suicide. The shattering pain he felt touched off a flood of daily journaling. WHEN SUICIDE COMES HOME is a graphic and frank account of what happened and how he survived. 

A daily handwritten diary and a composition notebook is filled with tears, feelings, and thousands of words. He titled it, Rambling… What if?… and Gee Whiz" He often wrote at night, sitting in the cab of the truck.

You will find help in the thoughts of Paul Cox as he deals with the trauma that struck him when Heber died. Many others.. fathers, spouses and siblings will find  this sharing helpful as they deal with their own loss.

Jack Bolton

April 2002

Paul Cox
February 2002
At the cab of his truck.

Heber Cox
Paul's Book
March 2002  

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