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Iris and Jack Bolton

Bolton Press Atlanta was founded to publish a book written by Iris Mitchell Bolton after the death of our son Mitch by suicide. This book, MY SON...MY SON... as of July 31, 2001 has been reprinted 17 times and is being shipped to all parts of the world. We are pleased and rewarded that this book has meant so much to others who have experience this horrible trauma in their lives. We are touched that so many have recommended MY SON...MY SON... to others.

Since it's inception, Bolton Press Atlanta has enjoyed the participation in the growth of self publishing. We strive to publish books that are unique to the field in which they are written.

Recent additions to our small list are Twenty-Six Spirituals and The Maverick

And, in 2001,  Do They Have Bad Days in Heaven by Michelle Linn-Gust. The healing story of a sibling who lost her sister to suicide. 

When Suicide Comes Home by Paul Cox published in 2002 brings the insight of a father as he deals with the loss of a son to suicide.

Twenty-Six Spirituals is the first edition of a series of books of spirituals that were collected by Dorothy Gray Bolton. She lived on a farm in Newton County, Georgia in the early part of the 1920's. L. D. Bolton II took the lead lines of these spirituals and added an accompaniment appropriate to each of the songs. The second edition of these spirituals is in the works as we write. Dorothy Gray Bolton is the grandmother of  L. D. and  J. G. (Jack) Bolton.

The Maverick is a sensitive book of urban poetry written by Garrett Flagg. Garrett writes from the heart and soul. He decries painful yet rewarding experiences of his young life. He identifies the struggles of a young man growing up in the urban community. He gives hope and direction for so many who are struggling with their identity as they are challenged by everyday life in the city.

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Iris and Jack Bolton

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