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Conquering The Beast Within

How I Fought Depression and Won... And How You Can, Too.


Cait Irwin

Many have found this book both realistic and helpful in the search for answers in the fight with depression for young and old.

Written when Cait was a teenager, Conquering The Beast Within is the inspiring story of a teenager dealing with depression. Cait is now in college in Wisconsin and lives in Iowa.

Cait Irwin

(From Book Cover)

Notable quotes from her book include:

Cait's vivid recounting of her successful struggle with depression offers hope and encouragement to everyone fighting a mental illness. Rosalynn Carter, author of Helping Someone with Mental Illness

"Cait Irwin has written an extraordinary book for young people, old people, for anyone who is suffering from depression or knows someone who is.... Ms. Irwin stretches a hand across the abyss and leads us safely home. Bravo! Read it now!" Danielle Steel, author of numerous bestsellers including His Bright Light, the story of her son's battle with manic depression.

"In offering readers a vivid image, Cait Irwin allows those with depression not to feel defined by their disorder. A book for people of all ages, it paints the isolation, fear, and misunderstanding of mental illness in provoking and recognizable strokes. A work of compassion and hope." Laurie Flynn, executive director, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

This book was published by Times Books, a division of Random House, New York.


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