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Waiting for Cover of the book MY SON...MY SON...

By Iris Bolton with Curtis Mitchell

This book was inspired by the suicide of Curtis Mitchell Bolton, 20-year-old son of the author, Iris Mitchell Bolton.

Mrs. Bolton describes in detail the journey she made from the devastation of losing her son Mitch by suicide to the step by step healing that took place in her life.

The book is hopeful and helpful to those who have suffered any loss from death, divorce, or separation. It gives promise of recovery and healing and learning to live with the terrible event.

Written in 1983, MY SON...MY SON... is now in its 18th printing. This book ships to countries all over the world, from Australia and New Zealand to England and South Africa. It is being used as a teaching guide for students in colleges from California to Maine. Ministers, priests and rabbis have found the book helpful as they minister to those who have suffered any loss.

Originally available only in paperback, the entire book was studio recorded by Iris Bolton in 1995. The audio edition on four cassettes provides an even greater opportunity for those dealing with grief to hear in Iris's own voice the inspiring message of hope, help and health. The book is available in the four cassette audio edition, hardback edition and the paperback edition.


Will Help You If You Are:

  • Bereaved, Grieving or Mourning
  • A Friend or Acquaintance of Someone in Mourning
  • A Psychiatrist, Psychologist, or Mental Health Worker
  • A Physician, Nurse, or Hospital Employee
  • A Clergyman or Funeral Director
  • A School Counselor, Teacher or Administrator
  • An Attorney, Police Officer or Juvenile Justice Worker


  • Because it will provide insights into the feelings of those who are bereaved, and assist with the baffling process of grieving.
  • Because it affords a better understanding of the unique problem of grief.
  • Because it can demonstrate your compassion and so supplement your helpfulness to survivors of death, loss, or suicide.
  • Because it helps deal with the aftermath of loss by death or suicide in the school setting.
  • Because it will enhance your effectiveness in dealing with the public and particularly the crisis of death by suicide.
  • Because it provides a guide to one's recovery from grief.
  • Because it is a wonderful way to show your love and your concern for another person's tragic loss.
  • Because by giving or loaning MY SON...MY SON... to a bereaved person, you are doing something positive and sharing a proven resource.

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